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Yooo this sucks.

What the hell kind of person to people think I am?   I am not some door mat to be walked all over and used to do whatever they want.  I mush better than that.  I am much better than most of the shit that has happened to me.  This sucks so bad.  Well sorry but I don't do that kind of shit.  Rob was another story.  I loved him and he loved me and it was ok I was comfortable and it was mutual, we wanted it and it was good.  We moved slowly and happily.  He never ever forced me to do shit I didn't want to or got mad at me when I wouldn't do something (eventhough I never denied him).  But this asshole.  What is this shit.  I am sooo shocked.  This is not supposed to happen to me.  I am a good person and I deserve good people in my life.  Not fucking scummy assholes who just want to use me and then be done with me.  No matter what anyone thinks of me, I am not that kind of girl and I never will be so fuck that.

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