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Hot patootie, bless my soul.

I just realized something.  This whole time I thought stuff in my life was like a movie but that's bullshit.  Stuff in movies is like real life.  And that is why we love movies so much.  Because they really are very close to real life events.  Stuff like that actually happens in real life.  Like when you are thinking and a certain song will come on and you are just like yes this is exactly it.  I alwasy wanted a band to follow me around and play theme music for my life but it already happens.  I've been very hopeless for the past few weeks but I am slowly staring to realize that this was just the rising action of my movie life.  I still have to reach my climax and then my falling action.  There is still a lot left to happen to me.  It feels great to sit here thinking about this.  I don't even care that it probably makes no sense to a lot of people.  But just think about it for a second.  Like the last time something crazy awesome happened, was there music playing (even if it was only in your head), or was a movie on that reflected something, or did someone just say something so right to you.  Life is a movie.  There are such things a fairytales.  No one can give it to you because you are already living it.  I am in my fairytale.  And every fairytale has a problem but eventually it will also have a solution, no matter how long it takes or how many frogs the princess had to kiss or how many years she has to be a sleep for her true prince to find her.  I get it.  Fairytales were based on real life, no matter how exaggerated, someone went through the same things I am going through now and they lived happily ever after.  And so will I.

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