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Looking for a reason.

I officially hate all things Pasta Bowl.  I was very hungry today and decided to make my last Pasta Bowl.  So I make it and it smelss delicious.  I take it out of the microwave and by now I am straving so I try to eat it right away.  Bad choice.  I burn my tounge off.  So I let it sit for a little and then a blow on each piece while trying to eat it.  I take like 5 bites and then I am full but I didn't really taste anything because my tounge is gone.  Oh Pasta Bowls.  How I despise you.  

I am reallllly souped for Haloween.  My costume is now complete and I am going to look pretty damn good.  I just hope I can get my hai to stay super curled and my feet don't fall off and I don't freeze my ass off.  But other than that it's going to be an ammmmazing time.  Especially if my favorite Courtney is coming down!!!!!!!!  Awesome, awesomeness.

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