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I don't want to do this anymore.

Home sucks.  Everything about this place sucks.  How sad is it that I can't wait to go back to school?  I just want to be with my Cheznutz and be away from here.  I hate here.  I hate what here does to me.  And I cannot deal with the whole situation thing.  This has got to freaking stop.  I will not be able to put up with this all summer.  I so wish I could afford an apartmen or something, just to get out of here.  But I guess this is my hell and I just have to walk right through it.  Because someday, someone will take me far far away from this place and I won't ever have to look back.  God, that is sad.  I never thought I would be one of those people but it is what I am turning into.  Life is making me this way.  I look back and I don't even know the girl I used to be.  I was looking at pictures from the play earlier and I have changed so much since what, April?  Like seriously.  All I can hope is that these are all changes for the better.  It has to be better then it was and then it is now.  It just has to be.  And everytime I think things are looking up something else happens.  But it will get better.  It needs to or I don't know what I am going to do anymore.

P.S.  I wish people would stop being assholes.  There is no need for it anymore.  It's done.  Kthanks :)

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